Traxion Wrist Lock Grip


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The Superstroke Traxion WristLock Putter Grip has been engineered to ‘lock’ in the upper wrist to prevent any unwanted motion leads in greater consistency in starting the ball on-line and overall distance control. Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure for a more consistent stroke while the parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain good putter head path.


  • Locks the player wrist onto the grip, preventing any unwanted motion
  • Greater consistency for controlling the putter face
  • Patented No Taper Technology creates even grip pressure
  • Strategically placed TRAXION zones on the tacky polyurethane outer layer offers amazing comfort feel leading to greater putting confidence
  • Advance Spyne technology is specifically engineered to aid repeatable hand positioning
  • Designed to accept all SuperStroke ‘Tech-Port’ accessories including the Counter-Core weight system