Spurk Winter Golf Mat - Long Pile


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Golf mats that don’t affect your strike.

The Spurk golf mat is different, with a unique patented design providing a firm and stable base from which to strike the ball and six spikes that easily lock into the ground and stay put when hit. The mat protects the fairway and the spikes are welcomed by Green Keepers as it helps with the aeration of the of the Golf Course as you are playing your round of golf.

The revolutionary patented fairway mat locks securely into the ground, allowing you to make solid contact with the ball. The only winter golf mat that doesn’t move when hit, this fairway mat offers an uncompromised experience for players of all abilities. 

The Strike Mat can also be used to protect your garden at home whilst practising.

The Spurk Golf Strike Mat can be used to assist with your alignment while addressing the ball, it gives you the confidence to strike the ball knowing that the mat is not going to move or shoot forward when the club meets the ball. 

Comes with handy cord toggle to attached to your golf bag.

Available in Long and Short Pile. Note: This is the long pile version.