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We all know the importance of perfect alignment. Those messy pen lines drawn through a stencil are outdated and fade or wash off. No Thanks.

Our solid color "Accuracy" putting alignment markers are designed to take your putting game to the next level. Crisp non-fading, non-smudging golf ball alignment markings will ensure perfect alignment and instant read on ball deviation. Please note the new black and blue arrows are thicker to give more clear sight line, and also designed to cover those thin guide lines you find on many golf balls. 

Putt for dough people!

Golfdotz transferable golf ball markings apply in seconds, are durable, and look incredible on any ball. Say goodbye to those messy pens, stencils, and ink stamps, and no one will ever mistake your ball again. 

Golfdotz Golf Ball Markers are Rule Conforming by USGA & R&A which is why the Tour Pros can safely use them in competition.