Taylormade Soft Response Golf Balls

Taylormade Soft Response Golf BallsTaylormade Soft Response Golf Balls

Taylormade Soft Response Golf Balls


TaylorMade utilises a specialised Extended Flight Dimple Pattern to protect distance in a softer golf ball. The shallow u-shaped dimples promote decreased drag and increased lift, ultimately allowing the ball to stay in the air longer at lower spin rates. 

This design is meant to appeal to players with average swing speeds, who often struggle to keep the ball airborne. For this reason, many clubfitters match slower swing speed players with drivers that increase spin rates and allow the ball to stay in the air longer. 

However, with this revolutionary dimple design TaylorMade aims to improve distance for these players through intelligent golf ball design.

"A soft ionomer cover adds to the feel of Soft Response, but also achieves improved scuff resistance, shear resistance and overall durability. With an ultra-low compression ZnO Flex Core™ (a compression of 35), Soft Response is engineered to meet the needs of golfers seeking an extremely soft feel without diminishing distance."

- Michael Fox, TaylorMade Category Director – Golf Ball & Accessories

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