Vapor Speed Driver Stiff Flex Adjustable with cover & key


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This Nike Vapir Speed Driver is in excellent condition with very minimal wear. If anything there is a slight paint chip back of clubhead that is hardly noticable unless looked at closely.

Shaft and headcover in great condition and the grip just has general wear to it.

With the loft being changeable from 8.5-12.5 degrees, and with a lightweight stiff shaft, this club will suit a large variety of swings and anyone looking to gain a little extra ball speed.

The driver has a lighter headweight and is combined with a lighter stock shaft (50g) to help most golfers increase clubhead speed. The new Compression Channel is deeper in the heel and toe areas compared to the section behind the centre of the face. This creates more face flex on mishits. Nike says tests have shown ball speed gains and higher launch angles away from the sweetspot than Covert 2.0. It’s the longest from front to back of the three Vapor drivers, has a 1.23 per cent deeper face than Covert 2.0 and a lower, more forward centre of gravity.

Available to try before you buy at Dunes Golf Centre in Fraserburgh.