Spider GT #3 Red 34 inch


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TaylorMade Spider GT #3 Red Putter

The Modern Shape of Stability

Spider GT sets a new standard in terms of performance and contemporary construction. The modern wing design has sharp angular features and extreme perimeter weighting for optimal forgiveness.

Top Plate with Short Sightline

Made from lightweight 6061 Aluminium, the 145g top plate eliminates excess weight in the middle of the putter.

Steel Side Weight Construction

Steel side weights (80g per weight for a total of 160g) create a heavy frame for stability and distance control. Only 18% of the weight is centered in the middle to stabilise deflection on off-centre strikes for maximum forgiveness.

Pureroll Insert for Improved Topspin

The new firmer co-moulded insert, manufactured of black TPU urethane with silver aluminium beams at a 45 degree angle to improve topspin across the face.

Fluted Feel

A newly engineered stability putter shaft with a softer section located 5" from the tip, intently designed to enhance feel, increase stability and improve dispersion.