Spider FCG Putter


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This intelligently designed high-MOI mallet is built for golfers who have an arced putting stroke. Forward CG placement lets the toe release freely like a blade, while the mallet shape and perimeter weighting help maintain the signature Spider family forgiveness.  

Engineers front-loaded the Spider FCG, positioning two-thirds of the total weight in the front portion of the head. This design optimizes the benefits of a high-MOI mallet for golfers who have an arced stroke and prefer moderate to significant face rotation.

Building on the optically engineered alignment feature that powered Spider X, the T-Sightline True Path™ combines front edge alignment with a vertical line for precision aim.

Can you find copper on the periodic table? Here’s a hint, just look for number 29. The Aged Copper Pure Roll insert is crafted from pure copper, and its 25g weight adds to the performance features of forward CG. It creates a firmer feel at impact that many players prefer.

This putter is designed to produce a blade-like feel. The combination of forward CG and Pure Roll™ technology promote a lower launch and encourage more topspin : helping the ball start and stay on its intended line.


  • Ideal for those with arced putting strokes
  • Feels like a blade putter
  • Superb forgiveness via mallet shape and perimeter weighting
  • Optically engineered alignment
  • Copper Pure Roll insert
  • Enhanced topspin for straighter putts
  • Modern style
  • Innovative golf technology
  • Maximum performance


  • Forward Centre of Gravity
    Front loaded weight delivers the benefits of a high-MOI mallet to golfers who have an arced putting stroke
  • T-Sightline True Path™ Alignment
    The new T-Sightline with True Path™ allows for perpendicular alignment, delivering optics that let the golfer aim with the front edge and/or the vertical line.
  • Aged Copper Pure Roll™ Insert
    A 25g Aged Copper Pure Roll™ insert adds to forward CG performance benefits. In addition, 45° grooves increase topspin and improve forward roll across varying surfaces : helping your ball start and stay on its intended line. This is the heaviest insert ever constructed by TaylorMade.
    *Increased topspin claim based on robot testing of Pure Roll groove vs. solid face.
  • Heel and Toe Tungsten Weighting
    Heavy tungsten sole weights positioned in the heel and toe are designed to optimize perimeter weighting for increased stability.
  • Adjustable Sole Weights
    Allows golfers to customize performance, feel and achieve precise swing weights at different putter lengths.
  • KBS Stepless Stability Shaft
    The new black CT Tour putter shaft is designed for less deflection