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A new era of speed is coming, and it’s designed to lead a fundamental shift in the fairway wood category. With the Epic Speed Fairway Woods, fast is going to get faster, long is going to get even longer, and straight is going to get a lot straighter. We’ve set a new bar for ball speed technologies in the category.

Utilising new JailBreak A.I. Velocity Blades, Callaway have optimised their system to spread the angle of the JailBreak inserts, allowing for further flexing of the face with resultant increases in ball speed and overall distance on each strike. The forged face is extremely forgiving on off-centre strikes, keeping you on target and inspiring confidence regardless of lie.

The high strength C300 Maraging Steel provides outstanding strength and flexibility, working with the Face Cup to provide consistent speed and spin.

A new leading-edge in conjunction with a forward CG promotes strong ball flights and tight shot dispersion, keeping you accurate, long and consistent.


  • High Velocity Ball Speeds
    Epic ball speeds start with our new Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. Callaway engineers used A.I. to design a completely new Jailbreak system which spreads and angles the Jailbreak blades. Along with stiffening the body, the new design allows the forged face cup to flex more. The result is exceptional ball speeds all across the face.
  • Fast Ball Speeds
    Every model and every face in our fairway woods are uniquely designed using advanced A.I. It’s a proven ball speed design that puts an even greater emphasis on centre and off-centre ball speeds.
  • More Speed + Forgiveness
    The high strength C300 Maraging Steel provides outstanding strength and flexibility while the Face Cup provides speed and spin consistency across the face.
  • Hot, Penetrating Ball Flights
    The forward Centre of Gravity (CG) is combined with a new leading-edge to promote a strong ball flight, outstanding spin robustness and consistent shot shape dispersion.


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