Cobra King LTDx One Length Irons Steel


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NOTE: This product will be ordered direct with the manufacturer and built to your specifications. If you require alterations from standard length, lie angle etc. please email us at or call our team on 01346 510693.

The revolutionary design of the LTDx™ Irons starts at the core. The construction features a multi-layer PWR-COR™ weighting system that lowers CG, and promotes maximum flex of the body, sole and face for peak ball speed and distance. Available in Standard and ONE Length models.

The multi-layered weighting system features a steel core bar suspended within a polymer injected casing, maximising flex at impact for blistering ball speeds. This combines with a variable thickness face to retain speed even on mishits, encouraging you to attack the pin for greater scores.

A forged face cup returns energy into the ball at impact and feels incredibly smooth and stable on each strike, allowing you to dial in each shot for optimal results.

Traditionally, people have a different setup, ball position and swing for every club in the bag causing inconsistencies. ONE Length reduces as many variables as possible by promoting one consistent setup, ball position and swing through the set. The result is more accuracy, more consistency and improved confidence

The LTDx ONE Length Irons are designed at 7 iron length through the set for enhanced consistency and accuracy from club to club.


    A multi-layer PWR-COR™ weighting system features a steel core bar that is suspended within a polymer injected casing. The design promotes maximum flex of the body, face and sole at impact creating an elastic rebound effect that delivers powerful ball speed.
    A forged face cup design increases ball speed across a wider area on the face.
    An 8 gram toe weight enhances stability and can be adjusted down to 2g and up to 14g to dial in swing weighting for custom builds.

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